Packaging that Pleases our Planet | Celebrating World Earth Day

Packaging that Pleases our Planet | Celebrating World Earth Day

Packaging that Pleases our Planet: Face Junkie and Sustainability

At Face Junkie, we believe that conscious skincare shouldn’t just refer to what’s inside the bottle. We take great pride in harnessing the power of the raw, natural world, which we feel must be complemented with non-toxic, sustainable packaging. This is where our sustainable skincare saviours come in, in the form of aluminium and glass packaging.

Aluminium packaging:

Aluminium is a rising star in the world of skincare packaging. As an ‘endlessly recyclable’, reusable material, waste is reduced, and a minimal environmental impact is ensured through our aluminium use. Approximately 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in circulation currently. Here at Face Junkie, we believe participating in this circular economy to be of incredible importance to upholding our values of achieving a minimal environmental impact.

In addition to the environmental benefits, as a non-toxic, inert substance, there is no risk of harmful compounds, such as BPAs or phthalates, leaching from the packaging to our products. As a result, the product lifespan is extended, as aluminium is able to safeguard against external elements, including light, moisture, temperature fluctuations and corrosion, keeping products fresh and once more reducing waste. We make a commitment to our customers that the safest alternatives will always be chosen to ensure your well-being and the prioritisation of your skin’s health.

Aluminium packaging is used for our #1 Brightening Cleanser, #3 Neroli Day Cream + Sunscreen and #4 Green Tea Antioxidant Cleansing Oil.

Glass packaging:

With many shared properties of aluminium, we have also made the conscious choice to use glass as a choice of product packaging. Made from natural, raw materials and free from toxic substances, the use of glass upholds our belief in the power of natural ingredients. Damaging chemicals don’t get leached into the environment and as with aluminium, glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused indefinitely while maintaining its structural integrity and quality. We find this to be an incredibly valuable asset – we not only want to do right by your skin, but right by our planet.

As an impermeable material, glass presents no risk of product contamination, leaching or oxidation, which is vital for skincare where ingredients can be sensitive to a multitude of external factors. The non-reactive quality of glass is even more important for our natural ingredients, prolonging the integrity and efficacy of them for as long as possible.

Glass packaging is used for our #2 Vitamin C + Neroli Antioxidant Serum, #5 Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum and #6 Pro Collagen Night Cream.

Life beyond the bottle:

We love our glass and aluminium packaging here at Face Junkie and believe that your experience shouldn’t end just because your product has.

Why not rinse out your #6 Pro Collagen Night Cream and make your own natural soy candle? Simply melt soy wax flakes, add a wick sticker and wick, add your favourite fragrance oil, pour into the pot, and let it cool.

Or you could clean out your #5 Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum bottle for the perfect essential oil dropper. Combine a carrier oil with your favourite essential oil for a perfect on-the-go scent, or a relaxing bath time.

Don’t let the end of your Face Junkie product be the end of the cycle.

Help us to reduce waste, strive for a healthier planet and make conscious choices with your skincare.