How to put the ‘good’ in good morning – with Face Junkie’s AM routine

How to put the ‘good’ in good morning – with Face Junkie’s AM routine

The dawn raid

You don’t need us to tell you that a good morning skincare routine can really set you up for the day – in more ways than one. Whether you’re the grab-and-go type or prefer to mix and match all the many products you can find falling out of your bathroom cabinet, there’s nothing quite like giving your skin a fresh start to help you face the day ahead.

But is your morning drill failing to give you that gorgeous, glowing complexion that you’ve been visualising? Or is your somewhat random regime of throwing lotions and potions on your face not doing what the packaging promises? If so, maybe it’s time to switch things up in 2023.

Wake-up call

With Face Junkie’s AM products – which can be purchased individually at full price or as part of our dedicated AM Bundle and Hero Collection Bundle – simplified skincare is as easy as one, two, three…and we mean that quite literally. Bid farewell to soap and water and the myriad of off-the-shelf products that inevitably dull your complexion. Instead, welcome three key products that will see you glow from the dawn chorus to sundown. Not only that, but they’re suitable for all skin types too!

Our AM product range


#1 Brightening Cleanser (150ml)

Brunette female holding #1 Brightening Cleanser product to right cheek.

First things first, the glow-up is all in the preparation. One or two pumps of Face Junkie’s brilliant Brightening Cleanser, mixed with water and applied using our free Reusable Bamboo Pads, will perk up your fatigued morning face in just a couple of minutes – melting dead skin cells, then cleverly cleaning and tightening pores. The star of this cleansing show is neroli oil: a hydration powerhouse that revitalises your skin and ensures your complexion remains radiant and dewy, all day long.


#2 Vitamin C + Neroli Antioxidant Serum (30ml)


They say that second’s the best, and next up is our smarty-pants product – the Vitamin C + Neroli Antioxidant Serum. Best applied fresh from the fridge, shake it to wake it, then apply a few drops as needed all over your face directly after cleansing, leaving to absorb for a couple of minutes. Vitamins C and E bolster your skin with a natural preventative barrier against environmental damage while reviving your complexion and keeping hyperpigmentation at bay, such as sunspots and age spots.


#3 Neroli Day Cream + Sunscreen (50ml)

Third time’s a charm, and there’s no denying that the final product in our AM Bundle is not only sheer delight but it also provides essential protection. Speaking of sheer, our Neroli Day Cream + Sunscreen is lightweight and hydrating, plus it reduces any redness and inflammation, and super SPF20 protects from intrusive UV light.

Here at Face Junkie, we like to keep things simple and to the point – all the while delivering on our promise of transforming your skin, so it looks and feels enriched, nourished, and revitalised. Just take a moment to imagine – in the short time it’s taken you to read all about our AM range, you could spend the same number of minutes elevating your start-of-day skincare routine by using our morning-friendly products. Yes, that’s just how incredibly simple it could be! Three key products to prepare, prevent and protect your skin for the day ahead. Tomorrow is a fresh start, so why not put the ‘good’ in good morning?

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